Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Business allergic reaction to open carry.

There have been a rash of businesses that have banned weapons in their locations. I believe because they fail to realize that a lot people actually conceal carry. And they have been banning them because anti gun groups pressure them but they don't see the opposite side. Why would they? They have no idea how many of their customers carry, that's the point of conceal carry right? This is the reason a few people open carry to try and normalize the act. The problem here is not enough people do it to make it normal. So we have the occasional panicked response from uniformed employees and customers. The media reports it with its anti gun bias. Anti gun groups start an online petitions. Then the company releases a statement saying please don't bring in any weapons (unless you are police). Then we send messages to the company saying they lost our business. This has happened with too many businesses.

So what can we do? We can advertise that we are carrying in a different way. We can start online petitions to thanks the various companies for respecting our second amendment right. An online petition that says thanks for not banning guns will have a more positive spin by the media then a photo of guys carrying long guns in t-shirts and shorts. If we get a huge number of signatures maybe the companies that have banned guns might switch their policies. And reverse this trend.

Here is a possible template for such a petition.

  This petition is not a demand but a thank you to (business' name here)  for respecting our 2nd amendment right to bear arms at their (various) location(s).  Thank you for recognizing that as Americans we have the right and the need to defend our life and liberty. Thank you for being a freedom loving company. And I pledge to support your company by using your service(s) as long as you continue to love freedom as much as I do. 

This petition does two things first uses honey instead of vinegar and second brings attention to the company the number of customers they would lose if they choose to ban firearms.

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