Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Don't tear down the Martin Drake power plant.

Dear Colorado Springs City Council and Mayor.

I've heard some disturbing news about plans to close the drake power plant. I would like to say that I think that is a horrible plan.

Here are several reasons for not closing:
1) Its paid for and a new plant would put the city in massive debt.
2) A new plant would have to be paid for by me and other citizens and we can't afford either new taxes or rate hikes.
3) Increasing rates will make you look incredibly foolish by first turning off street lights because they cost too much money, and then increasing the cost of the same electricity that powers them. Have you even thought of this?
4) It is a historical part of Colorado Springs a part of the landscape. Do you realize it’s nearly 90 years old? Colorado Springs has had a long history with electricity going back to Nikola Tesla and the Drake power plant is a reminder of our heritage.
5) As for aesthetics the steam cloud it creates is a familiar to me as the mountains. When lit by motor city at night it actually looks very cool.
6) Also several business rely on the cheap power produced here so increasing rates might drive them out of business; or make new ones not come here in the first place.
7) I will vote against you if you tear it down. And convince my friends and family to do the same.

As for the reasons I've heard for closing it:
1) Cheap natural gas: Drake is able to produce electricity using coal or natural gas. So this point is moot.
2) Aesthetics: so you think it looks ugly. So does a good part of down town like the rail road tracks, and the warehouses.  It would be far cheaper to build a privacy wall around the power plant or even paint something pretty on its walls then to build a new one.
3) It pollutes: So do cars but the emission tests have been lifted on those in El Paso County. So I don't think we have an issue with clean air. And the plant has been extensively upgraded to burn a lot cleaner.

I honestly can't think of a rational reason why this is being considered.

Sincerely a concerned citizen

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