Thursday, July 10, 2008

Modifying collections inside a constructor.

I’m adding this to a list of no nos.

Imagine you add the object to a collection inside the constructor. Then throw an exception? Well when you get an incomplete object inside the collection.


AZA said...

Hi, I've been using your for sometimes, and I am in the middle of making a new title, so we have this plan to make it run in Silverlight, but your engine can't run on Silverlight.

So, we tried Farseer, but the performance is worst, yours is the best.. So, we have this dilemma of choosing the Physics Engine, and my boss keep pressing me to choose.

So, if our interest meet your plan to add Silverlight as platform for it would be a great help.

Let me know your plan about Silverlight ...

-Damian Hallbauer

JonoPorter said...

It’s in the SVN now. You would have most likely would have had received a reply faster had you used you used the physics2D.Net’s Google Groups. I get e-mails for each message posted there, but not here. Sorry for the late reply.